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Are Batavus Bikes Good?

Are Batavus bikes good? Both Batavus and Gazelle produce excellent quality bikes, and both companies guarantee the consumer an quality product. When it comes to bikes, the rather elitist Dutch maxim 'if you're not Dutch, you're not much' is certainly true. Started in 1892 Gazelle is the oldest of all the Dutch brands.

Where are Batavus bikes made?

Today Batavus is one of the most important bicycle brands in Holland. We produce our bikes in Heerenveen in Holland. We have very dedicated people who make high quality bikes.

Who makes Batavus?

Batavus BV is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer, owned by the Accell Group European Cycle conglomerate. Batavus Intercycle Corporation was the leading manufacturer of bicycles and mopeds in the Netherlands during the 1970s. During its most productive years, the company's 350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2).

What bikes are made in Holland?

What Are The Best Dutch Bike Brands?

  • Gazelle.
  • Batavus.
  • Veloretti.
  • Koga.
  • Van Nicholas.
  • Sensa.
  • Seine.
  • Cortina.
  • Are Dutch bikes the best?

    Dutch bikes are very good for practical cycling at low to moderate speeds, such as commuting, errands, deliveries, and other personal transportation. Their upright posture is comfortable, and the bikes themselves tend to be extremely low-maintenance and steady under heavy loads.

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    Are Gazelle bikes made in Holland?

    For over 100 years our Gazelle factory in Dieren, the Netherlands has been producing bicycles to the highest quality standards. Over the years, the original factory has been expanded and remodeled to create space for Gazelle's on-going growth and development.

    What does Batavus mean?

    Batavus genuinus (Latin for "native" or "authentic Batavian") was the name given in 1828 by the Göttinger professor Johann Friedrich Blumenbach to a human skull from the island of Marken in the Netherlands.

    What size Dutch bike do I need?

    Classic Bikes (Heritage/Dutch-Style) Size Guide

    Frame Size Rider Height Range CM | INCHES Inside Leg Range
    16" < 153cm | 60" < 69cm
    17" 154cm-166cm | 61"-65" 70cm-85cm
    19" 167cm-178cm | 66"-70" 76cm-90cm
    21" 179cm-200cm | 71"-79" 81cm-98cm

    Where are Dutch bikes made?

    Handmade in the Netherlands, delivered directly to the US. Dutch bicycles and cargo bikes are famous all over the world for their upright position and comfortable ride.

    How are Dutch bikes different?

    What are Dutch bikes called?

    In the Dutch language the name of these bicycles is omafiets ('grandma bike'), a term which has been in use since the 1970s. The omafiets is a national icon, and is even used by men in the Netherlands; this is why some people refer to bicycles of this design as Dutch bikes.

    Are Batavus bikes heavy?

    In this category I place the traditional Dutch bikes: the classic models produced by Gazelle, Azor/Workcycles, Achielle, and Batavus. They have long, super-relaxed frames, high handlebars and 28" wheels. They are very heavy. They have heavy-duty racks and are designed to haul serious weight.

    How long do Dutch bikes last?

    In Holland a bike can be stored outside year round and still last 20 years with a minimum of maintenance. They may seem expensive, but they amortize rapidly because they keep on lasting. They also keep your clothing clean. They were made for city cycling.

    How far can you ride a Dutch bike?

    The Dutch bike all the time.

    Summary: Dutch biking rates are highest for trips of about 1 mile, and when trips get longer than three miles, bike trips start to fall sharply while car trips rise. The Dutch are not so different from you and me. Most of them don't much like to bike more than three miles at a time, either.

    Are Gazelle bikes made in China?

    Made in The Netherlands

    Royal Dutch Gazelle is one of the rare bicycle manufacturers that haven't moved their production overseas to China and other Asian countries. Instead, all of its bicycles are made in Dieren, the Netherlands, where the company was established back in 1892.

    Are Gazelle bikes worth it?

    Yes, Gazelle Bikes, the Ultimate, is very expensive, but in return you get an incredibly high quality bike that you can rely on for relaxing trips to and fro, a braking system that responds on a dime, and a vehicle when commuting. However, if you want similar quality at a cheaper price, consider the Elby S1 9-Speed.

    Where are Gazelle Ebikes manufactured?

    Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 450 people at its factory in Dieren, the Netherlands, where we produce over 250,000 bikes a year.

    How do I choose a Dutch bike?

  • Measure your inseam. Your inseam is the distance from the floor to the highest possible crotch position. The easiest way to measure it is to:
  • Your height. People with the same height may have a different inseam. That's why your inseam should always be leading when choosing your frame size.

  • What height is a 28 inch bike for?

    Size Chart For Hybrid / City Bikes

    Height (ft/in) Height (cm) Leg Inseam (in)
    5'5"-5'9" 165-175 cm 26 - 31”
    5'9"-6'0" 175-183 cm 27 - 32"
    6'0"-6'3" 183-191 cm 28 - 33"
    6'1" - 6'6" 191-198 cm 29 - 34"

    What is frame height?

    Frame size generally refers to frame height, the length of the seat tube from the bottom bracket (crank bearing) to the top tube. Also, frames are measured differently. Some companies measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube/seat tube junction.

    Which country were the Dutch belongs to?

    Nederlanders) are a Germanic ethnic group and nation native to the Netherlands.

    Why are bikes so expensive?

    One of the biggest factors in the cost of bicycles is materials. Carbon fiber comes in various forms and grades. The higher the quality of carbon, the greater the cost of sourcing from manufacturers. If a bike manufacturer is also fabricating its own carbon, this cost must be recouped in the sale price of a bike.

    Where are Koga frames made?


    All Koga bikes are built by hand at our premises in Heerenveen, The Netherlands.

    Why are Dutch bikes upright?

    Dutch upright bicycles

    Visibility is improved for the rider, not only in the immediate vicinity but also in the distance, as the rider's sightline is extended. Sitting up taller allows the rider to be more easily seen by motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

    Are Dutch bikes good on hills?

    Dutch bikes are slower because of extra weight (this “lifestyle transport bike for ladies” weighs 21.4kg), and the upright sitting position. Extra weight becomes important on an uphill. If you find yourself pushing your bike uphill and getting overtaken, of course you will give up riding it.

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