• July 7, 2022

Can You Heal While Disarmed Gloomhaven?

Can you heal while disarmed Gloomhaven? Disarm only affects attack abilities, so move, heal or whatever are fine.

Do you have to attack in Gloomhaven?

You have to perform at least one part of the action on the card to gain the experience. If it just says "Attack," you have to attack an enemy to get the experience. If it has "Attack" and "Move," however, you can just move and not attack and still get the experience.

How does disarm work in Gloomhaven?

DISARM – If a figure is disarmed, it cannot perform any attack abilities on its turn. At the end of its next turn, the DISARM token is removed. STUN – If a figure is stunned, it cannot perform any abilities or use items on its turn except to perform a long rest (in the case of characters).

How does push work Gloomhaven?

PUSH X – The target is forced to move X hexes in a direction specified by the attacker, but each hex moved must place the target farther away from the attacker than it was previously. If there are no viable hexes into which to push the target, the push ends.

Does Push have to be in a straight line Gloomhaven?

No. You must pull the target closer. If it already is adjacent it cannot be pulled any closer.

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Is push optional Gloomhaven?

Do I have to push or pull the full amount? Like any added effect, you can choose not to apply it, but if you do, you have to use the full push or pull effect.

Does healing remove muddle?

a Heal action will remove Wound and/or Poison, but no other "debuffs" (i.e. it will not remove stun, immobilize, disarm, or muddle).

Can you push monsters through other monsters Gloomhaven?

Figures (characters and monsters) can move through allies, but cannot move through enemies or obstacles. Traps and other terrain effects of hexes must be resolved when a figure enters them with normal movement.

Can you push immobilized enemies?

Can I use the push or pull ability if an enemy character is immobilized? Yes. Immobilize says that the immobilized figure can't "perform" any move abilities. A figure being pushed or pulled isn't "performing" anything, they are being pushed or pulled by someone else.

Can immobilized enemies be pushed Gloomhaven?

Both push and pull effects are considered movements, however, they are not affected by difficult terrain. So, no, immobile characters and monsters cannot be pushed or pulled.

Can you negate damage in Gloomhaven?

Choose one card to lose from his or her hand or two cards to lose from his or her discard pile to negate the damage (any additional effects of the attack are still applied).

Can you pull immobilized?

An Immobilized figure can be Pushed or Pulled, but can't be given force movement like "Perform a Move 1 with you controlling the action." Well, technically it can be given that action, just not perform it.

Can you skip push Gloomhaven?

So, if the ability itself is not an attack, but a push, you must either decide to do it all or skip it entirely. You can't choose not to push per target, as the push then isn't an added effect.

Can you push enemies through doors Gloomhaven?

You can push them through an already open door, but not a closed door.

Can you retaliate if disarmed?

Nope. In all cases, 'disarm' makes no difference to a monster's ability to retaliate. If the 'retaliate' is on the monster stat card, it is always active.

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