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Do I Need Cassette Spacer?

Do I need cassette spacer? No spacers are required. REMEMBER: These spacers go onto the freehub body before the cassette. The lockring torque is essential to help with accurate shifting, reducing damage to the freehub body, and reducing creaking noise.

When should you use a cassette spacer?

Most Shimano 10-speed cassettes road cassettes come with a 1mm spacer. It is intended to and should be installed whenever it can fit on the freehub body. Mountain cassettes never include or use this spacer.

Do you need spacer on 11 speed cassette?

However, the 11-speed wheels are retro-fittable for 9 and 10-speed. They come with a 1.85mm spacer to take up the extra slack. If you have a 9-speed cassette, you only use the 1.85mm spacer. If you want to use 11-speed Shimano components with a Mavic wheel, simply use no spacers at all.

Where is freehub spacer?

It goes on the freehub before the largest cog does (closest to spokes). And don't forget the second "little silver metal ring" ( item #2 in the diagram ) before the lock ring goes on. The spacer is very thin and may be stuck to the lock ring and even look like it's part of the lock ring.

Are all cassette spacers the same?

Sram HG-style cassettes are largely the same spacing as Shimano, with the 10 speed exception. The Sram 10 speed cassette is the same width as 8/9 speed, whereas with Shimano it's 1mm narrower.

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Freehub Cassette Spacer Needed
SRAM 11-speed SRAM 10-speed 1.85mm 11-speed spacer
SRAM 11-speed None

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Will a 10 speed cassette fit a 11 speed hub?

It will shift fine with a Shimano or SRAM 11-speed system. And in case any of you were wondering, if you have a 10-speed Shimano or SRAM system and buy a wheelset now, you can still run 10-speed cogs on that wheel. To put a 10-speed cogset on an 11-speed freehub, you just put a spacer behind the largest cog.

Can you fit a 11 speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

An 11-speed cassette will fit on a 9-speed hub only when the hub is wide enough. Luckily, 8,9,10 and 11-speed mountain bike hubs have the same spacing, and one can therefore use an 11-speed cassette on all of them.

Will a 10 speed cassette fit a 9 speed hub?

The most you should need to do to allow a 10 speed cassette to work on most 9 speed hubs is install a spacer behind the cassette to make sure the cassette seats tightly. You can put a new 10 or 11 speed cassette on any of the older 9 speed hubs.

Do I need a spacer for an 8 speed cassette?

Therefore, if you want to install an 8-speed cassette on an 11-speed road hub, you will need a 1.85mm spacer.

Does a Shimano 11 34 cassette need a spacer?

Regular 11s road cassettes don't need spacers but the 11-34 does because it's essentially a mtb cassette. Shimano MTB cassettes are shorter than road ones. Make sure your derailleur can handle the 34T as well.

How do you fit a Shimano cassette spacer?

How do you fit a 11 speed cassette?

Does my rear cassette need a spacer?

The rear hub on this wheelset is compatible with both Shimano and Sram 11 speed cassettes. No Sram cassette requires the use of any additional spacers. If you are running Shimano or Sram 11 speed, the cassette will simply install directly on the freehub body with no spacers required.

Will a 7 speed cassette fit on a 6 speed hub?

7-Speed Freewheels. For frames with 126 mm or wider spacing. These will generally work on hubs made for 6-speed freewheels, sometimes with the addition of a washer or two.

Are Shimano and SRAM freehub compatibility?

Buyers are free to use a SRAM chain and cassette with their Shimano groupset, and vice versa, just as a SRAM chain can be paired with a Shimano cassette, and vice versa. SRAM's cassettes and chains are compatible with all of Shimano's groupsets, and vice versa.

What is a standard freehub body?

HG, short for 'HyperGlide', is the most common and traditional freehub body design available. Created by Shimano, it is the standard used for cassettes that have at least an 11-tooth cog as the smallest cog on the cassette. HG Specific cassettes are available in 8,9,10, and 11speed options.

How do you convert a 10 speed hub to 11 speed?

Can I put an 11 speed on a 9 speed hub?

But in general 9 speed hubs can be used with 10 speed cassettes with the addition of a spacer. The same is not true of 11 speed which won't fit on the hub. You will need to change the shifters but you may not need to change the derailleur.

Will a 11 speed cassette fit on a 9 speed hub?

The 11 spd cassette will fit fine on the freehub. The problem may be the 9 spd RD won't handle the 46t cog. Derailleurs have a spec capacity and max cog size. Capacity is the difference between the smallest and largest cog plus the difference between the smallest and largest chainring.

Can you put a 12 speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

12-speed cassettes used to be just limited to wheels with XD drivers on the back, but now you can use a 12-speed cassette on any mountain bike wheel with the SunRace MZ90 12-speed 11-50T cassette. It will fit any Shimano or SRAM 8, 9, or 10-speed freehub body, and Shimano Dynasys 11-speed mountain freehub bodies.

Where does the spacer go on a 8 speed cassette?

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