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How Do I Ship Lithium Batteries FedEx Ground?

How do I ship lithium batteries FedEx ground? Battery can be shipped with reduced regulatory requirements: Batteries must be placed in inner packaging designed to prevent short circuits and minimize damage such as bubble wrap pouches. Package must not exceed 66lbs. (30Kg) unless packaged with or in equipment.

Can lithium batteries be shipped ground?

Medium lithium cells/batteries may be shipped by ground as lightly regulated, provided they have the appropriate lithium ion or lithium metal mark (as shown above) and display the following marking: “LITHIUM BATTERIES—FORBIDDEN FOR TRANSPORT ABOARD AIRCRAFT AND VESSEL.”

Is it illegal to ship lithium-ion batteries?

Small consumer-type lithium-ion cells and batteries like those used to power cell phones and laptop computers are mailable domestically under the following conditions. Mailing batteries internationally, or to and from APO, FPO, or DPO destinations is prohibited regardless of mail class.

How do you ship a lithium battery?

Pack each battery in fully-enclosed interior packaging to protect the terminals. Don't place heavy items on packed batteries. Keep batteries away from other metal objects that may cause short-circuiting. Avoid turning on devices with installed batteries while being shipped.

Who can I send Lithium batteries with?

UN 3480, Lithium Ion Batteries and UN 3090, Lithium Metal Batteries must be offered as Cargo Aircraft Only with the packages labelled with the IATA Cargo Aircraft Only label. You need to include the United Nations (UN) number on the Lithium Battery Mark (IATA Figure 7.1. C), which can be used as of January 1st, 2017.

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Can I ship batteries via FedEx?

FedEx Office Print & Ship CentersSM and FedEx World Service Center® locations do not accept regulated battery shipments, with the exception of lithium battery shipments meeting Section II IATA regulations.

Can I ship lithium ion batteries via UPS?

Lithium Batteries packed without equipment: UPS only accepts air shipments of UN3090 or UN3480, lithium metal or ion batteries packed alone (without equipment) as fully regulated shipments. Section II or 49CFR 173.185(c) will not be accepted for air transport.

Are lithium batteries hazardous by road?

Lithium batteries are regulated as a hazardous material under the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 C.F.R., Parts 171-180). The HMR apply to any material DOT determines can pose an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce.

Will the post office ship lithium batteries?

Customers can take to their local Post Office packages containing lithium batteries installed in electronic devices that are bound for many international destinations, and Army (APO), Fleet (FPO) and Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) locations. Lithium batteries can be shipped domestically, including Alaska and Hawaii.

How do you ship an ebike battery?

By shipping the electric bike battery separately from the bike itself, you'll automatically ensure safer shipping. However, shipping eBikes this way means you'll have to send the battery separately through a major courier like UPS, FedEx, or USPS, all of which have the expertise required to handle battery shipments.

Does DHL ship lithium batteries?

As set forth below DHL eCommerce Solutions accepts Lithium Metal (Primary) and Lithium-ion (Secondary) batteries for shipping that are 1) contained in equipment, 2) packed with equipment or 3) as stand-alone battery shipments.

How do I ship a lithium ion battery internationally?

If shipping lithium batteries internationally by air, packed with equipment or alone, complete the Lithium Battery Safety Document and Battery Label, as described in this brochure. Place the completed Lithium Battery Safety Document in document pouch or resealable envelope and attach it to the outside of the package.

Is it OK to ship alkaline batteries?

n Alkaline batteries — considered nonhazardous. Except for Li-ion IMDAS batteries, which have specific mailing requirements, alkaline batteries and small dry-cell batteries should be recycled according to the shipping procedures outlined in this article.

What batteries Cannot be shipped?

Lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable and if they are exposed to high temperatures they are prone to overheating and this can potentially lead to an explosion. For this reason, lithium-ion batteries are considered dangerous goods. Many couriers have these batteries on their restricted lists.

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