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How Do You Join Objects In MicroStation?

How do you join objects in MicroStation? to combine more closed elements (e.g. circles, shapes, complex shapes) into one complex shape, you can use Create Region tool (key-increate region union). Just select all desired elements, start the tool by icon or by key-in and accept it.

How do you create a complex chain in MicroStation?

  • Select the Create Complex Chain tool.
  • Set Method to Manual.
  • Identify the first element to include in the chain.
  • Continue to identify elements to add to the chain. If they are not already connected, the elements are connected as they are identified.
  • Reset to complete the complex chain.
  • How do you draw a continuous line in MicroStation?

    What is a polyline in MicroStation?

    A series of elements can be connected such as lines, arcs and curves into “complex chains”. The complex chain can then be treated as an element. Some software call these connected elements a “polyline”. MicroStation V8i also uses the term “SmartLine” for connected elements.

    How do I ungroup elements in Microstation?

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Groups > Group split button.
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Groups > Group split button.

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    How do you create a polyline in Microstation?

    [Go]: Click [Go] to draw the polyline on the specified layer using the Object (Line) Color, Line Type, Line Weight, and Line Type Scale as set on the Drawing Properties menu (PR - Section 5.10). The Draw Polyline routine remains available to draw additional polylines. Click [Close] to exit the routine.

    How do you combine text in MicroStation?

    Use the Selection tool to Select the text you want in the Text Node. Copy the selection to clipboard (Ctrl +C). Do a Match Element on an existing Text Node or set your text placement settings to what you want. Go to the Place Text and in the Text Editor dialog do a paste (Ctrl +V).

    How do you put a line in coordinates in MicroStation?

  • Select a placement tool.
  • In the key-in browser type the coordinates: “XY=1000,1000,0″
  • Hit the Enter key on the keyboard or the Run icon from the key-in browser.
  • Continue to use the key-in browser and the “XY=” key-in to finish placing elements/vertices/cells…

  • What is MicroStation connect edition?

    The MicroStation CONNECT Edition can coexist alongside MicroStation V8i, with both versions being installed on the same workstation. This “parallel installation” allows a User to work on a project using the required version of MicroStation as directed by project or client needs.

    How do I create a custom line style in MicroStation connect?

    In the Line Style Editor > Edit menu > Create > Name. Enter the name in the lower Styles field where it says Unnamed. Finally, the Name needs to be Linked to the Point Component. Highlight the name and the Point as shown then Line Style Editor > Edit menu > Link.

    How do you reverse a line in MicroStation?

  • Select the Change Element Direction tool.
  • Set Mode to Change Direction.
  • Identify the element. The element is highlighted and an arrow showing its direction is displayed.
  • Accept. The element's direction is reversed.

  • How do you enter feet and inches in MicroStation?

    Go to Element > Dimensions > Units and change the Format to AEC. Set the Label to X1/2'. Change the Scale Factor to 12. Next place a dimension, the dimensions will now appear as Inches instead of Feet and Inches.

    How do you open AccuDraw in MicroStation?

  • If you are using the default function key menu, press <F11> .
  • The AccuDraw window opens. If it is already docked or open, pressing <F11> sends input focus to the AccuDraw window.
  • Select the Toggle AccuDraw tool ( View > Home > Primary > More ).
  • The AccuDraw window opens or closes.

  • How do I edit a group in MicroStation?

    and press Ctrl + G: Which is fine until you want to make a change to the group, then the group has to be dropped using Ctrl + U. Once the changes are made select and press Ctrl + G to re-group.

    How do you make a block in MicroStation?

    How do you select a graphic group in MicroStation?

  • Select an element with Choose Element command.
  • Select Move Element command.
  • Click first point, this adds any other member element on the selection set by using graphic group numbers of selected elements. (
  • Click second point to be moved.

  • How do I create a group in MicroStation?

    How do you use the grid in MicroStation?

  • Open the View Attributes dialog > Ctrl + B.
  • Toggle the Grid On/Off for the desired view.

  • How do you close a polyline in MicroStation?

    It is possible to map a key + mouse button combination to automatically close a shape while this is being created. 2. Select one key/button combination and replace the pre-assigned Key-In with "Close" in the "Action" field.

    What is the difference between text and text node in MicroStation?

    Using Text - MicroStation Tutorial

    The difference between them is a text element is a single line of text and a text node is a multi-line piece of text or a paragraph. Text nodes are automatically generated when the Enter key is used in the Text Editor dialog. You won't even know when you place one or the other.

    What are text nodes in MicroStation?

    MicroStation provides two sorts of text element: text nodes (VBA TextNodeElement ) and text (VBA TextElement ). A TextElement is the simpler: it contains a single line of text. It has no line termination, such as a line-feed or carriage return. A TextNodeElement is more complex.

    How do I change text nodes in MicroStation?

  • Enable “Text Nodes” from Drawing > View > Presentation > View Attributes.
  • Double click to select/edit the empty text node (Or activate the “Edit Text” tool, and select the empty text node).
  • Enter text in the subsequently launched Text Editor.
  • Place text in the view.

  • How do you show XYZ coordinates in MicroStation?

    Delivered with MicroStation is a toolbar that will label coordinates in the file and import/export coordinates. From the MicroStation pulldown menu select Tools > Annotation > XYZ Text. Label Point – will label points selected in the drawing.

    How do you fix coordinates in MicroStation?

  • In the file, open the Geographic Coordinate System tool (from menu Tools > Geographic > Select Geographic Coordianate System)
  • Note the existing Geographic Coordinate System name given.
  • Click on the From Library icon.
  • In the Library tab, search for the new GCS that you wish to change to.

  • How do you find the coordinate system in MicroStation?

    The Geographic Coordinate System dialog is used to report, select or delete a GCS for the current model in a design file. Find this dialog from the MicroStation Tools menu, select Geographic > Select Geographic Coordinate System. This panel reports the Name, Description and Source of the current GCS.

    How do I connect with MicroStation?

    What is the difference between MicroStation V8i and MicroStation connect?

    How do I install MicroStation connect edition?

    How do I edit custom line styles in MicroStation?

  • Open the library (*.dgnlib) file containing the custom Line Styles.
  • Open the Line Style Editor ( Element > Linestyle > Editor )
  • From the Line Style Editor dialog select File > Export From DGN and save them to a new resource file *.rsc file of your choice. (

  • How do I load a linetype in MicroStation v8i?

  • Open the Line Style Editor by going to Element>Line Styles>Edit.
  • In the Line Style Editor, go to File>Import and then choose either .
  • Once you choose the file type, an Open Line Style Library dialog will appear.

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