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Is An Enchantment A Targeted Spell?

Is an enchantment a targeted spell? Thanks! Yes. Guard Duty, like other auras, targets the creature it will enchant when it is a spell on the stack.

Do enchantments target on the stack?

Yes, if you mean Enchantment cards being cast. A spell is a card or copy of a card on the stack is a spell. 111.1. If there's an Enchantment card on the stack (e.g. because it's currently being cast), it's a spell, it can be targeted as a spell, and it can be countered.

Do enchant auras target?

Here's the official ruling: 113.1b Aura spells are always targeted. These are the only permanent spells with targets. An Aura's target is specified by its enchant keyword ability (see rule 702.5, “Enchant”).

Can you change the target of an enchantment?

115.7a If an effect allows a player to “change the target(s)” of a spell or ability, each target can be changed only to another legal target. If the player chooses to change some or all of the targets, the new targets must be legal and must not cause any unchanged targets to become illegal.

Are all enchantments auras?

Aura and Enchantment are not synonyms. If you look at any Aura card, such as Rancor, you will see that the type line says "Enchantment - Aura", which means the type is Enchantment, and the subtype is Aura. This means that Auras are always Enchantments, while Enchantments are not always Auras.

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Is an enchantment creature Enchanted?

No, only creatures with an enchantment aura on them are "enchanted".

Is an enchantment aura a permanent?

Auras are indeed permanent cards. The only card types that do not count as permanent cards are instant and sorcery.

Do enchantments stay on the field?

All objects that remain on the battlefield are called permanents. Types of permanents include lands, creatures, enchantments, artifacts, and planeswalkers. In contrast, sorceries and instants go to the graveyard immediately after they are used.

What happens if you copy an aura?

If Mirage Mirror becomes a copy of an Aura, it's put into its owner's graveyard unless it's somehow attached to an appropriate object or player already. If it becomes a copy of an Equipment and is attached to a creature, it'll become unattached when it becomes a non-Equipment artifact again.

Can you cast an aura without a target?

Aura spells (i.e. Cards cast from your hand, and added to the stack), do require a target. It is unfortunate that they are the only spells that target, without "target" within the rules text. Note the full text, though: "legal object or player according to the Aura's enchant ability and any other applicable effects".

Are enchantments abilities MTG?

Description. Most enchantments have continuous effects or triggered abilities, but some have abilities that can be activated by their controllers.

Can you play a spell without a target?

Yes, you have to choose a target. If your opponent has no artifacts, you'll end up destroying one of your own. Only if there are no artifacts on the battlefield are you allowed to not choose anything.

Can a spell target itself?

No, it can't. A spell is never a legal target for itself. You can't redirect a target to an illegal target.

Can a creature target itself?

A spell or ability on the stack is an illegal target for itself. This only means the ability can't target itself, i.e. the ability itself. This is only relevant in rare cases; one example (for spells) would be that you can't change the target of a Counterspell on the stack to itself.

Does totem armor protect from wrath of God?

Wrath tries to destroy all creatures simultaneously, as a single event. Replacement effects such as Totem Armor are checked before the event is actually applied, modifying it.

Can artifacts be enchanted?

Enchantment artifacts are both enchantments and artifacts and therefore the rules for both apply to them. Enchantment artifacts were introduced in the Theros set, where they represent the weaponry of the gods.

Who controls an aura MTG?

By default, the player who put it onto the battlefield controls it. Control of the Enchanted permanent does not dictate who controls the Aura. 303.4e An Aura's controller is separate from the enchanted object's controller or the enchanted player; the two need not be the same.

Is an enchantment creature an aura?

Enchant creature is only one of, but the most common type of aura. Other types of auras are enchant artifact, enchant land, enchant player, etc. Enchant creature auras can only be put on creatures.

Do enchantments activate heroic?

No it does not. Heroic is only triggered by the heroic creature being targeted by a spell not an ability. The only things in the game that qualify are instants and sorceries with the word target written on them or aura enchantments whilst they are on the stack. Nothing else will trigger heroic.

How do Enchantment auras work?

Some enchantments have the subtype “Aura.” An Aura enters the battlefield attached to an object or player. What an Aura can be attached to is defined by its enchant keyword ability (see rule 702.5, “Enchant”). Other effects can limit what a permanent can be enchanted by.

Does World Slayer destroy lands?

Worldslayer's ability is a single destroy event. When it resolves, it will destroy everything it possibly can, which would be the Consecrate Land. The Land you enchanted is still indestructible at this time though.

Can enchantments be tapped?

Yes you can. It won't really do anything to the enchantment (it will still work just fine even if it's tapped), but you can do it.

Do tokens get summoning sickness?

You said it's an instant that creates tokens. If the spell is cast anytime before that player's turn, then when it becomes that player's turn, since the tokens have been under his or her control since the beginning of the turn, they do not suffer summoning sickness.

What happens to aura when creature dies?

If the enchanted permanent leaves the battlefield, the Aura is put into its owner's graveyard. So: creature goes away, aura dies, nice and simple, whether the creature was destroyed, exiled, bounced back to its owner's hand, or stuck back in its owner's library.

What is SCRY magic?

Scry is a keyword action that allows a player to look at a certain number of cards from the top of their library and put them on the bottom of the library or back on top in any order.

What happens to equipment when creature dies?

Nothing. It stays on the battlefield, not equipped to anything.

Does mutate destroy enchantments?

They mutate into the creature on top plus all abilities from under it.) Whenever this creature mutates, destroy target artifact or enchantment an opponent controls.

Do enchantments leave when player dies?

Nope. When a player is eliminated all of their spells, abilities ,permanents and all are removed from the battle field. even if they have a spell on the stack and are killed while it had not resolved, it is just exiled and thus removed from the stack.

Can Mirage mirror copy graveyard?

Mirage Mirror will wind up as a copy of the permanent targeted by the last ability to resolve. If Mirage Mirror becomes a copy of an Aura, it's put into its owner's graveyard unless it's somehow attached to an appropriate object or player already.

Can you copy token creatures?

It has permanents that will choose a permanent and then remain that permanent for the rest of the game (or until the permanent chooses to copy a new permanent). Green can copy it's own creatures. White can copy tokens.

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