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Is Infect Good In EDH?

Is infect good in EDH? Infect is fine as it is. If you are playing in a 4 player game and one player plays infect and the rest plays normal damage the balance is there. Imaging you are trying to kill player A. You need to deal 10 infect as normal.

How much infect damage can you take in Commander?

The rules for commander do not state which form that 21 damage needs to be in. Thus, you can win if you deal 15 combat damage normally with your commander, then give it infect and hit them for 6 infect damage. 21 damage is 21 damage regardless of form.

How good is infect in Commander?

It's a powerful tool that you can use to win games, but infect creatures still don't measure up to the kinds of threats you see in Commander. When you compare infect strategies with combo, infect looks even weaker. Most combo decks will win outright but infect often requires you to swing and kill each opponent.

How does infect work in magic?

So what does that mean, exactly? When a creature with infect deals damage to a player, the player doesn't lose any life as a result of the damage—he or she gets that many poison counters instead. If a player ever has ten or more poison counters, that player loses the game.

How do you win with infect?

Infect is good at playing around removal. It has cost-efficient spells that both defend against kill spells and tack on secondary effects (unblockability, pump, etc.). One way to beat that is to overwhelm an Infect opponent with removal spells, but this is often card-intensive and forces you to keep mana open.

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How does Saskia the unyielding work with infect?

Saskia's triggered ability causes the creature it refers to to deal damage when it resolves, without interfering on how infect affects that damage. Assuming your opponent is the chosen player, then in general, after that ability resolves, your opponent will have gotten a total of four poison counters.

How many poison counters do you need to win EDH?

Well, all Infect damage is dealt through poison counters. In games of commander, opponents need to accumulate ten poison counters in order to lose the game. While this number may seem low for a 40 life format, this form of damage is not incredibly prevalent.

Does infect deal poison counters?

"Infect" is an ability. It means that it deals damage in the form of poison counters to players and in the form of -1/-1 counters to creatures. If a 2/2 creature with Infect deals damage to another creature, that creature gets two -1/-1 counters.

How much infect can you lose?

Each creature with infect, and all cards that gave infect and/or positively affected creatures with infect, were printed with the Phyrexian watermark. If a player has ten or more poison counters, they lose the game.

Why is infect good MTG?

Infect offers a deadly Magic combat trait that applies different effects when used against a creature or an opponent. When your infect-bearing soldier clashes with an opposing monster, rather than dealing regular damage, you'll dish out an appropriate number of -1/-1 counters.

What are poison counters in Magic The Gathering?

A poison counter is a counter that, unlike most other counters, is placed on players rather than objects. When a player has ten or more poison counters, that player loses the game.

What is an infect deck?

Infect decks are aggro decks that aim to win fast with poison counters and use evasion and explosive pump spells to deliver poison counters ASAP. Infect is less of an aggro deck and is typically considered primarily a combo deck. We also are more "protect-the-queen" style rather than an all-in deck.

Does infect deal damage?

Yes, infect modifies the results of any damage dealt by a source with infect but it is still damage and if its dealt during the combat damage step's turn-based action, it is combat damage.

Does infect trigger damage?

There is a ruling on Infect: Damage dealt to a player from a creature with infect does not deal damage as well as poison counters. Damage is assigned as a number and can be prevented as normal, but when it is dealt to a player it turns into poison counters instead of reducing their life total.

Does infect trigger Anowon?

Because Anowon cares about milling per 1 dmg dealt, but infect doesn't actually change the life total. Yes. Anowon triggers when they deal Combat Damage. It doesn't matter if that damage causes the player to lose life, or if it causes them to gain Poison counters.

How do you defend against infect MTG?

Keep your hand small (ideally 0 cards), and nothing can attack you at all. Infect can't win without attacking, after all. Just be ready for your opponent to attack with a 1/1 threat, and then pump it with instant-speed effects to circumvent the Bridge if you have one card in hand.

How do you deal with infect?

  • Wash the wound right away with soap and water.
  • Apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment.
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  • Does infect work with Saskia?

    Infect is damage of any type the creature deals. Giving Nekusar infect will poison the table with each draw, just as Saskia will let any infecter deal damage to 2 diffrent players.

    How does Saskia work?

    The damage that Saskia's ability causes a creature to deal isn't combat damage. Once the chosen player has left the game, Saskia's triggered ability will have no effect. If Saskia leaves the battlefield and returns, you choose a player again. It doesn't remember the previously chosen player.

    Does double strike hit a player twice?

    No. The trigger, "Whenever ~ attacks" means "Whenever ~ is declared as an attacking creature". A creature with double strike will deal damage in the two combat damage steps, but will only be declared as an attacker once per turn. (Normally, unless some other effect is creating additional combat phases.)

    How many cards do you draw in Commander?

    Each player starts with 40 life, places their commander face-up in their command zone, and draws a hand of seven cards.

    Is infect and poison the same?

    Note that there is a big difference between poisonous and infect, though - a poisonous creature deals combat damage normally, then applies a fixed number of poison counters, while a creature with infect does not cause the player to lose life and likes pump effects much more.

    Can you proliferate infect counters?

    Proliferate interacts with infect, as well as with charge counters, so it makes lots of sense in the set.

    How much commander damage is lethal?

    My playgroup finds this so cumbersome that we ignore the commander damage rule almost entirely (we consider 20 damage from a commander in a single hit as lethal, and otherwise don't care).

    Do poison counters stack?

    They don't *quite* have poisonous 2, they have two instances of poisonous 1. However: 702.67b If a creature has multiple instances of poisonous, each triggers separately. So it will end up looking a lot like poisonous 2, except that each poison counter will be given by a separate trigger.

    What is considered commander damage?

    What is Commander Damage? A player that's been dealt 21 or more combat damage by the same commander over the course of the game loses the game. It's important to note that only damage dealt in combat, i.e. when a commander attacks another player, counts for Commander damage.

    Does Skithiryx deal commander damage?

    You are correct. Damage dealt by a commander to a player is commander damage, no matter if that damage makes the player lose life or not.

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