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What Causes Rapid Depolarization?

What causes rapid depolarization? When these cells are rapidly depolarized to a threshold voltage of about -70 mV (e.g., by an action potential in an adjacent cell), there is a rapid depolarization (phase 0) that is caused by a transient increase in fast Na+-channel conductance (gNa+) through fast sodium channels.

What causes rapid depolarization in pacemaker cells?

These two refractory periods are caused by changes in the states of sodium and potassium channels. The rapid depolarization of the cell, during phase 0, causes the membrane potential to approach sodium's equilibrium potential (i.e. the membrane potential at which sodium is no longer drawn into or out of the cell).

What is the rapid depolarization?

rapid depolarization the sudden reversal in electrical potential from negative to positive; it is represented by phase 0 of the action potential.

What happens depolarization?

During depolarization, the membrane potential rapidly shifts from negative to positive. As the sodium ions rush back into the cell, they add positive charge to the cell interior, and change the membrane potential from negative to positive.

What causes depolarization of a cardiac muscle cell to occur quizlet?

Depolarization of cardiac muscle occurs when Na+ ions diffuse into the cell as voltage-gated Na+ ion channels open. Early repolarization of cardiac muscle cells occurs when voltage-gated Na+ ion channels close and voltage-gated K+ ion channels open.

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Which of the following is responsible for the rapid depolarization phase of an action potential within the Autorhythmic pacemaker cells?

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Question Answer
The rapid depolarization phase of an action potential in autorhythmic cells in the heart is due to the opening of Ca channels
In contractile cells of the heart, the action potential has a rapid depolarization phase caused by the movement of what ion into the cell? Na

What triggers the SA node?

Your heartbeat is triggered by electrical impulses that travel down a special pathway through your heart: SA node (sinoatrial node) – known as the heart's natural pacemaker. The impulse starts in a small bundle of specialized cells located in the right atrium, called the SA node.

What causes the rapid depolarization phase of a ventricular myocyte action potential quizlet?

o Rapid depolarization is caused by entrance of sodium into the cell. o Then, calcium slowly enters the cell, resulting in the plateau phase of the action potential. o Finally, potassium ions exit the cell, causing repolarization and movement towards resting membrane potential.

What causes the repolarization phase of the action potential?

The repolarization or falling phase is caused by the slow closing of sodium channels and the opening of voltage-gated potassium channels. As a result, the membrane permeability to sodium declines to resting levels.

What occurs during depolarization of a contractile cardiac cell membrane quizlet?

What initiates depolarization in contractile cell? due to do a rapid influx of sodium, when ions pass through the gap junction of an adjacent cell, opens calcium channels (enter the cell),and potassium out of the cell.

What causes depolarization for an action potential quizlet?

The influx of sodium ions causes the rapid depolarization during the action potential. The influx of sodium ions through open channels is favored by two factors. (1) The sodium concentration inside the neuron is only about 10% of the sodium concentration outside the neuron.

What is depolarization quizlet?

depolarization. a voltage change that rings a neuron closer to its threshold for firing; the membrane potential becomes less negative and moves to zero. Only $47.88/year. polarized. state of an unstimulated neuron's membrane.

What causes depolarization in a neuron?

Neuronal depolarization depends on the opening of ion channels in the neuronal membrane and the subsequent influx of sodium ions (Na+) and efflux of potassium ions (K+). The response of a neuron to ion channel receptor activation by either the natural ligand/neurotransmitter or a drug is rapid and brief.

What ion movement is responsible for the rapid depolarization phase of the ventricular muscle cell action potential?

A review of experimental data suggests that ionic fluxes through gated membrane channels are the primary determinants of the shape of the cardiac action potential. The rapid depolarization phase of the action potential is mediated in part by an ionic channel that resembles the sodium ion (Na+) channel of nerve.

What is polarization depolarization and repolarization?

Polarization is the existence of opposite electrical charges on either side of a cell membrane (difference in inside a cell versus the outside of the cell) Depolarization is the state which the cell membrane change from positive to negative charged outside the cell and from negative to positive charge inside the cell.

What causes the rapid change in resting membrane potential?

A cell has the capacity to undergo depolarization after it has established a resting potential. Depolarization causes the rapid change in membrane potential from negative to positive state.

Which of the following occurs during depolarization of a cardiac cell quizlet?

Which of the following occurs during depolarization of a cardiac cell? The cell becomes relatively more positively charged. When the ECG paper is traveling at the standard rate of 25 mm/sec, a large box in the horizontal direction equals: 0.20 seconds.

What happens during the depolarization phase of cardiac muscle?

Once the threshold potential is reached, L-type calcium channels open, calcium ions enter the cell, and depolarization occurs. In contrast to the cardiac myocyte action potential, there is no inward movement of sodium ions during depolarization.

Which ion current is responsible for depolarization of the cardiac cell?

Myocardial contraction begins when sodium channels open and positively charged sodium ions flow into the cell and cause membrane depolarization (phase 0).

What causes Autorhythmicity?

2. Automicity (Autorhythmicity) - some cardiac muscle cells are "self-excitable" allowing for rhythmic waves of contraction to adjacent cells throughout the heart. Skeletal muscle cells must be stimulated by independent motor neurons as part of a motor unit.

What triggers action potential in the muscle cell quizlet?

- Sodium entry to the cell causes depolarises the cell, raises it to threshold and causes an action potential to develop. - In the action potential, sodium channels open first, allowing sodium to enter the cell and depolarise it.

Which of the following is a characteristic of the stage of rapid depolarization in a cardiac muscle cell?

Which of the following is a characteristic of the stage of rapid depolarization in a cardiac muscle cell? A massive influx of sodium ions occurs.

How does the SA node depolarize?

Why does the SA node spontaneously depolarize?

The currents thought to be responsible for spontaneous depolarization in the SA node are the funny current, T-type calcium current, forward mode NCX, and finally the L-type calcium current. It therefore satisfies the requirements for a pace-maker current, initiating depolarization.

What stimulates the SA node to fire?

The autonomic nervous system, the same part of the nervous system as controls the blood pressure, controls the firing of the SA node to trigger the start of the cardiac cycle.

What causes the rapid depolarization phase of a contractile not pacemaker !) cell action potential?

In nerve and muscle cells, the depolarization phase of the action potential is caused by an opening of fast sodium channels. This also occurs in non-pacemaker cardiac cells; however, in cardiac pacemaker cells, calcium ions are involved in the initial depolarization phase of the action potential.

What causes the action potential in the pacemaker cells in the SA node quizlet?

What causes spontaneous depolarization in pacemaker cells? Movement of ions between the cell and outside via transmembrane ion channels.

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