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What Happens If You Mix DEXRON 3 With DEXRON 6?

What happens if you mix DEXRON 3 with DEXRON 6? Try not to mix DEXRON-III with DEXRON-VI, only because if you do that you are in fact diluting the DEXRON-VI fluid with a less stable product and therefore throwing away much of the advantage. All you need to remember is that DEXRON-VI is far superior to DEXRON-III.

Can you mix DEXRON 3 and DEXRON VI?

DEXRON-VI can be used in any proportion in past model vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, in place of DEXRON-III (for instance, topping off the fluid in the event of a repair or fluid change). DEXRON-VI is also compatible with any former version of DEXRON for use in automatic transmissions.

Is DEXRON 3 the same as DEXRON 6?

Dex 6 is just the semi-synthetic updated version of Dex 3. You can still get "meets Dex 3 specification" fluid everywhere, but they no longer license Dex 3.

Can you substitute DEXRON VI for DEXRON III?

Direct Replacement

Dexron VI fully replaces Dexron III and prior evolutions of the Dexron fluids. GM manufactured the liquid for compatibility with transmissions requiring earlier versions of the fluid. Dexron VI works in any vehicle that requires ATF-A (the original automatic transmission fluid) or a Dexron variation.

Can you mix ATF and DEXRON 6?

Yes. MaxLife ATF can be used in DEXRON VI applications. Can MaxLife ATF be mixed with Dexron VI or does the fluid need to be purged prior to installing MaxLIfe ATF? Valvoline MaxLife ATF transmission fluid is 100 percent compatible with the DEXRON VI for mixing or flushing a system.

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What happens if I use the wrong transmission fluid?

Using the wrong fluid can cause poor lubrication, overheating, and possibly transmission failure. A mechanic might not be able to reverse the damage, even by flushing the transmission. Mistakenly adding motor oil or brake fluid can also destroy your transmission.

Are all DEXRON VI the same?

Dex VI is licensed by GM so it has to meet their specs no matter the brand.

Is it OK to mix transmission fluids?

Some transmission fluids are very incompatible with different transmission types as they use different additives in the fluids. While it's not uncommon for someone to mix up which fluids should go in their car, putting the wrong transmission fluid in your car could be your vehicles fast pass to an early grave.

Are all DEXRON fluids compatible?

Yes, DEXRON-VI fluid can be used on any vehicle type that calls for DEXRON transmission fluid.

Can I use dexron VI for power steering fluid?

Do not use DEXRON VI as a power steering fluid. It is marked on the bottle not to be used as power steering fluid. DEXRON III/MECRON would be a better choice for cars where the manual specified DEXRON II, which is no longer on sale.

Is Mercon V compatible with dexron VI?

This fluid technology is designed to replace and supersede previous generation specifications from GM and Ford such as DEXRON III and MERCON/ MERCON V. General Motors officially states that DEXRON®-VI approved fluids are backwards compatible with and should replace all previous generation DEXRON fluids in service.

When did dexron VI come out?

Dexron-VI: Introduced in 2006 for GM Hydra-Matic 6L80 6-speed rear-wheel-drive transmissions. Dexron VI replaced Dexron II and III, and can be used in General Motors domestically built or import transmissions that specified Dexron II or Dexron III.

Is dexron 3 still made?

All Dexron-III (H) licenses expired permanently at the end of 2011, and GM now supports only Dexron-VI fluids for use in their older automatic transmissions. Aftermarket fluids asserted by their manufacturers to meet Dexron-III(H) and earlier standards continue to be sold under names such as Dex/Merc.

Is dexron III synthetic?

100% synthetic fluid for automatic transmissions, power steerings, torque converters, that require DEXRON III fluids.

Can you mix old and new transmission fluid?

This fluid starts to lose its standard properties and should be changed to keep the transmission parts and its performance at its peak. Mixing old and news fluids wont give you the ideal viscosity and the reduces the performance of the transmission system.

Is it OK to mix synthetic transmission fluid with regular?

Mixing. Mixing mineral-based and synthetic transmission fluid is acceptable, according to Mobil and Valvoline, both of which manufacturer synthetic and mineral-based fluid for a variety of vehicles. Manufacturers even sell prepackaged blends of synthetic and mineral-based transmission fluid.

Can I use Mercon LV instead of Mercon V?

Mercon V is the most common automatic transmission fluid for a ford model. On the other hand, Mercon LV is not compatible with any Mercon fluids. Even it doesn't be mixed with Mercon V. Since Mercon LV is designed to meet the demands of most modern transmissions, it is compatible with older GM Dexron specifications.

Can I use dexron VI instead of ATF 4?

Can I use dexron VI instead of ATF 4? MaxLife® ATF, ATF +4 and DEXRON® VI are all synthetic transmission fluids. Synthetic ATF and conventional fluids are 100 percent compatible with each other.

What happens if you mix transmission fluid with oil?

In most cases, adding ATF to motor oil reduces cleaning power. Instead, ATFs have elevated levels of friction modifiers and other additives that help protect gears and clutches. Second, ATF can disrupt the engine oil formulation and reduce its effectiveness.

Can you use motor oil instead of transmission fluid?

The motor oil is designed to function in the engine while the transmission fluid is meant for your steering and gear system. These two fluids have certain similarities, but can I use motor oil for transmission fluid? The simple answer is No.

What happens if you overfill transmission?

Erratic Shifting: When you overfill your transmission with fluid, the gears become submerged in transmission fluid. These gears will have a difficult time-shifting making it more difficult to drive. This can cause wear and tear on your transmission and damage the system in the long run.

Is dexron 6 transmission fluid synthetic?

Mobil DEXRON-VI ATF is a high performance, synthetic blend formulation that meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of GM's DEXRON-VI specification and provides warranty protection for 2006 and newer GM vehicles. It also provides improved performance in older GM vehicles, wherever DEXRON is specified.

Is Mercon LV the same as dexron VI?

Dexron® VI/Mercon® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium quality, fully synthetic, multi-vehicle, low viscosity automatic transmission fluid that is recommended for use in those General Motors and Ford vehicles that specify the use of Dexron® VI and Mercon® LV fluids respectively.

Is dexron 3 and mercon the same?

Dexron III is a General Motors trademark for qualified automatic transmission fluids. Mercon covers all automatic transmissions for Ford model year 1988 and after.

What is compatible with Type A transmission fluid?

Type A ATF History And Compatibility

The “Type A, Suffix A” specification replaced Type “A” in the late 1950's. Dexron “B” fluid later replaced Type A, Suffix A. All iterations of Dexron B, Dexron II and Dexron III ATF products are backward compatible with Type A and Type A , Suffix A fluids.

What's the difference between CVT and ATF?

Firstly, we need to know what is ATF and CVT transmission system. ATF stand for (Automatic Transmission Fluid). CVT system doesn't have set of gears to drive the vehicle. The CVT can change seamlessly through a continuous range of the effective gear rations.

Can you mix ATF 4 and dexron 3?

In any event the ATF+4 and Dexron III are compatible. The basic question is why you are using the ATF+4 to begin with. The basic question is why you are using the ATF+4 to begin with. Right - Dex III is the fluid you want.

Is power steering fluid the same as transmission fluid?

Power Steering Fluid versus ATF: Is power steering fluid exactly the same as transmission fluid? No, but they're the same type of fluid. ATF, however, contains friction modifiers and detergents to clean out the automatic transmission's dirt and grease away yet damage the hydraulic valves of the steering rack and pump.

What color is dexron 3 fluid?

When the fluid is new, it has a translucent red color. It may be hard to see on the dipstick, but if you wipe it on a clean white rag, it will appear bright to dark pink/red.

Can I use dexron VI instead of III for power steering?

Do not use DEXRON VI as a power steering fluid. It is marked on the bottle not to be used as power steering fluid.

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