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What Is The Purpose Of A Jockey Wheel?

What is the purpose of a jockey wheel? Jockey wheels are an essential when it comes to trailers and caravans. They allow the nose of the trailer to remain lifted once they are disconnected from the towing vehicle. This is not only essential for when hitching and unhitching, but also allows the trailer to be manoeuvred without the use of a towing vehicle.

What is the jockey wheel on a bike?

Your rear derailleur features an upper and a lower jockey wheel, and these perform different jobs. The upper jockey wheel, also known as the guide pulley, is the one that is in charge of shifting duties. It quite literally guides the chain in the direction that it needs to go when the derailleur makes a shift.

Are derailleur jockey wheels universal?

Many jockey wheels are universal, a few are brand or possibly even mech specific. Take care if you have anything particularly exotic, a standard pair may not do the job.

Are all jockey wheels the same size?

The most important one is the diameter of the jockey wheel. At ATE, we stock six different diameters. The 35mm, 42mm, 48mm, 48mm serrated, 60mm, and 63mm. So, for light weight trailers, a 35mm would be the best fit.

How do I choose a jockey wheel?

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What is a jockey pulley?

A jockey pulley is an additional pulley which ensures that the tension of the belt is correct, and keeps the maximum amount of belt in contact with the driver and driven pulley. Jockey pulleys are often spring loaded.

When should you change jockey wheels?

You can tell when you're jockey wheels need to be replaced by inspecting them first. If the teeth on the jockey wheel are worn and rounded or sharp and jagged, it's usually worth replacing to save the life of your chain, derailleur and cassette — which are more expensive parts.

How long should jockey wheels last?

If you clean your drivetrain often, esp after dirty rides, they will last years. I only ever replaced these on bikes I rode daily for 4 or 5 years. Once just to get some trick aluminum pulley wheels but they wore out fast.

How do you put a jockey on a bike wheel?

Are all Shimano jockey wheels interchangeable?

Any Shimano ones will fit. Just make sure you get a pair, as the top and bottom ones are different sized. Doesn't matter about 9/10 speed, they'll all work.

Are ceramic jockey wheels worth it?

According to research, a well-made ceramic bearing will roll faster, saving you energy and allowing faster cruising speeds compared to an equivalent steel bearing. This is because the properties of ceramic allow the creation of rounder, smoother bearings.

Should jockey wheels spin freely?

So as long as they move freely and don't bind, a jockey wheel will function fine.

Can you change jockey wheel size?

Jockey wheels have upper and lower stamped on them.. probably best to fit them that way round. as said, the guide (top) is often a different design to the tension (lower) jockey, as it can have some side-to-side 'float' built in. That said, you can run different sizes if you want.

Does derailleur pulley size matter?

Pro road racers who use Berner's uniquely oversized rear derailleur cages have sworn time and again that they reduce drivetrain friction thanks to their humongous 15-tooth pulleys.

How do you replace a jockey wheel on a trailer?

Can you replace a jockey wheel?

If your jockey wheels are looking worn out by rust or their teeth have worn away then a replacement is easy. Most jockey wheels can be simply taken off, cleaned, greased and then put back on the bike. If the old jockey wheels are looking worn out then get yourself a pair of new jockey wheels.

How do you use a jockey wheel?

How does a swivel jockey wheel work?

With a 'swivel bracket' jockey wheel, you pull a release handle, and the wheel rotates into a horizontal position for travelling. An 'adjustable swivel bracket' allows you to choose whether you remove the wheel, swivel it into a travel position and adjust the height.

Does a smaller pulley spin faster?

A larger pulley turning a smaller pulley results in the smaller one turning faster but with less shaft power. For example, a truck in high gear would have a slower turning engine but faster turning wheels, resulting in a faster truck.

What are jockey wheels made of?

Both the jockey wheel and bearing seal caps are CNC machined from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum, with a choice of 8 hard anodised finishes.

Should jockey wheels have play?

Is this play important? Supposedly, the lateral play in the upper jockey wheel assures clean shifts even if the derailleur adjustment is a bit off. So with perfect derailleur adjustment, a jockey wheel without lateral play could well deliver crisper shifts.

How long should a derailleur last?

Derailleurs will last almost indefinitely. The jockey wheels will wear out in time (tens of thousands of km) but the rest of the mechanism shouldn't see significant wear.

Which is the G pulley?

The 'G' or guide pulley, sometimes called the centeron pulley goes in the top position closest to the cassette. Most can go either way around but some have a certain direction of rotation, if that's the case with yours they will have a direction arrow on them.

Is my derailleur worn out?

All derailleurs wear out at some point. Check for wear by pulling laterally on the lower cage. Sloppy pivot and linkages will produce inconsistent shifting, and the only solution is a new derailleur.

Are oversized pulley wheels worth it?

'Larger pulley wheels decrease the amount of articulation required from the chain links,' says Ard Kessels, founder of Kogel Bearings. Additionally a larger pulley wheel rotates slower than a smaller wheel, reducing bearing speed and therefore bearing friction.

Should jockey wheels be greased?

The jockey wheels aren't designed to be lubbed. If you put much in the way of oil in there it will just attract dirt.

Do Shimano jockey wheels have bearings?

In particular, they showed that for Shimano's 105 rear derailleurs, both pulley wheels use bushings. In Ultegra, one wheel uses a bushing and the other uses a bearing. In Dura Ace, both wheels use bearings.

How do you change a Shimano pulley set?

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