• September 27, 2022

What Is VCI Cable?

What is VCI cable? The VCI-3 is a vocal cable identification and phasing system used during installation or maintenance works on de-energized three phase systems. Detection is guaranteed by a digital processing system that checks for the presence or absence of every tone that comes in from the transmitter end.

How do I connect to techstream?

Connect Mini VCI cable to your car's OBDII interface, turn ignition on, then click ”Connect to Vehicle” in Techstream. Wait. Then wait again. If everything works, you will be prompted to confirm car year/model after which you'll get to the diagnostic interface.

What is techstream scanner?

The Toyota/Lexus current factory tool is the laptop-based application called 'Toyota TechStream'. Both interface devices provide equal scan tool diagnostics and reprogramming capabilities.

What is VCI J2534?

Latest Version VCI J2534 Cable - The software V16.00.017, the firmware V1.4.8. 16Pin VCI OBD2 USB Interface Scan Cable - VCI j2534 cable supports TIS Techstream diagnostic software, and supports all the diagnostic communication protocols needed for Toyota since 1996, for diagnose, coding etc.

How do I download Toyota techstream?

Go to https://techinfo.toyota.com, enter User Name and Password then click Login. 2. Click on TIS → Diagnostics → ScanTool In the Techstream Software section, select Full Install to download the installation file.

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How do I get techstream to work on Windows 10?

What is the latest version of techstream?

TIS Techstream Software V13.

  • Software Version: 13.00.022.
  • Supported OS: Windows XP 7 8 10 (32/64 Bit)
  • Supported Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.
  • Software Format: Digital Download, Disc or USB Flash Drive (Please choose from the variations)

  • How do I use Toyota techstream software?

    What is an intelligent tester?

    The Diagnostic Scan Tool (Scanner) aka "Intelligent Tester II" is designed to fully utilize the enhanced vehicle On-Board Diagnosis function such as improvement of data refresh rate (CAN protocol), enhancement of Freeze Frame Data and Active Test function and so on.

    What can I change with techstream?

    Make it so windows roll down when you hold down unlock on your remote for 2.5 seconds. Change doors locks to unlock all doors 10 seconds after driver door opens. Change delay for how long headlights stay on after ignition off. Program your TPMS sensors to your vehicle if you get a new/replace one.

    Does carista work with Toyota?

    If you're a Toyota driver, we've got the goodies for you. That includes Lexus or Scion. We're not fussy.

    What is Pass-Thru programming?

    The pass-thru device is responsible for translating and communicating programming instructions to the vehicle computer while it's at rest. There's programming in the pass-thru device, called firmware, that's responsible for performing this task according to the manufacturer's protocol.

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