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What Percent Of Solitaire Hands Are Winnable?

What percent of solitaire hands are winnable? Overall, almost 80% of solitaire games are winnable, but players do not win 80% of games played. That is because at least one bad move results in the game being un-winnable. If one lets the cards from the final pile be moved back to the table in order to create more moves, then the odds do go up between 82% and 92%.

What is the trick to winning solitaire?

  • Learn the Rules.
  • Target Larger Stacks First.
  • Evenly Distribute Tableau Piles.
  • Move Quickly If You're Playing Timed Solitaire.
  • Think about Color When Filling Spaces.
  • Handle Your Face Down Cards First.
  • Try Creating Stacks of Similar Suits.
  • Is every game of Microsoft Solitaire winnable?

    Is Every Game of Microsoft Solitaire Winnable? The answer is No. Many games are impossible and will block quickly. Estimates vary, but the consensus is that between 79% and 92% of games are winnable (meaning between 8% and 21% cannot be solved), depending on the exact rules by which you play.

    Is solitaire a game of luck or skill?

    If you have a good deck of cards and a good start in your card arrangement, which is essentially luck, you will stand a great chance of winning if you also put in strategy and focus. Some Solitaire games are purely skill-based and require patience, for example, FreeCell.

    Is FreeCell always winnable?

    It is estimated that 99.999% of possible deals are solvable. Deal number 11982 from the Windows version of FreeCell is an example of an unsolvable FreeCell deal, the only deal among the original "Microsoft 32,000" which is unsolvable.

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    What percentage of Klondike games are winnable?

    For a "standard" game of Klondike (of the form: Draw 3, Re-Deal Infinite, Win 52) the number of solvable games (assuming all cards are known) is between 82-91.5%. The number of unplayable games is 0.25% and the number of games that cannot be won is between 8.5-18%.

    Is Solitaire good for your brain?

    Unlike other games that demand a high level of attention or logical thinking, Solitaire triggers a soft mental activity that works to relax the brain and dilute stress without shutting it off completely.

    What are the fewest moves to win solitaire?

    One will have to make at least 76 moves and 60 moves for a 1 card deal and 3 card deal, respectively, to win a solitaire game. For those playing the 1 card deal, this means that 24 cards are well laid out and easy to pick, meaning that you have 24 automatic moves.

    What is the world record for fastest solitaire game?

    The World Record for FASTEST Solitaire game is 5 SECONDS! 5.

    Is Microsoft solitaire Grandmaster solvable?

    All games in: Daily Challenges, Events, Star Club, and easy to grandmaster classic games are solvable. Random difficulty in classic games could be unsolvable.

    Are all Microsoft tripeaks games solvable?

    Hogue has performed computer statistical analysis on the original game, which shows over 90% of all the games dealt are completely solvable and, under the original scoring system, an average of 60 is theoretically possible, which indicates the scoring system is balanced in such a way that the cost of the stock is paid

    What are the odds of winning 3 card draw solitaire?

    The probability of winning Thoughtful Klondike (with draw three rules) has been calculated as being approximately 82%, more precisely as having a confidence interval of 81.956% ± 0.096%.

    What is the average time to complete a game of solitaire?


    Single-Player Polled Average
    Main Story 13 11m
    Main + Extras 6 9h 30m
    Completionists 3 9h 10m
    All PlayStyles 22 3h 57m

    What are the levels in solitaire?

    After completing one hundred levels of Klondike Solitaire on Microsoft Windows, players are deemed Grandmasters and can achieve Pyramid Bronze, Pyramid Silver, and Pyramid Gold Grandmaster status. Dedicated players can continue to challenge themselves with over 1,000 Grandmaster levels included in the game.

    How many types of solitaire are there?

    Often called, "Patience," more than 150 Solitaire games have been devised.

    Are some FreeCell games Impossible?

    There are some impossible games in FreeCell. As a reference tool the following game numbers are not winnable: - #11982, #146692, #186216, #455889, #495505, #512118, #517776, and #781948.

    Is FreeCell solvable 617?

    #11982 is Freecell's first game that can't be won. After, the only games that are not solvable out of the first million available are #781948, #512118, #495505, #186216, and #146692. Usually, low number games are those that give players a hard time, which are #178, #617, and #1941.

    Does FreeCell help your brain?

    Scientists with the OHSU Oregon Center for Aging & Technology, or ORCATECH, found that a Solitaire-like game called FreeCell, when adapted with cognitive performance assessment algorithms, may be able to distinguish between persons with memory problems and cognitively healthy seniors.

    What are the odds of winning Spider Solitaire?

    A detailed study has been done on the solvability of Spider solitaire games using software. Winning chances in a normal game with good play are considered to be about 1 in 3 games.

    How do you beat solitaire in 30 seconds?

    Is it possible to have no moves in Solitaire?

    About 79% of the games are theoretically winnable. The number of games a player can probabilistically expect to win is at least 43% In addition, some games are "unplayable" in which no cards can be moved to the foundations even at the start of the game; these occur in only 0.025% of hands dealt.

    Why is Solitaire so addicting?

    The game has a learning curve. This makes it more addictive because people can see how they improve over time and eventually want to beat their own scores. As a result, Solitaire can fuel dopamine receptors in the brain, with each successive high score providing a (theoretically) better dopamine rush.

    Can you be addicted to Solitaire?

    Addiction to computer Solitaire is a real condition that may require professional treatment. Addiction to Solitaire could be a real mental health condition that requires treatment. Computer Solitaire addiction may be fueled by the accessibility of the game on Microsoft computers.

    Which Solitaire game is the hardest?

    Most Difficult Solitaire Games. Four of the Most Difficult Solitaire Games in the World: Canfield, Forty Thieves, Scorpion and Spider Four Suits with a user-friendly interface and top quality graphics and animations!

    Is 3 card Solitaire always winnable?

    The short answer is no.

    The term Solitaire encompasses a wide variety of card games, each with its own set of rules and winning probabilities. While the latter can be higher or lower depending on the game, it is never an absolute value, meaning that it is not possible to ensure that 100% of the games are winnable.

    How many Solitaire moves is good?

    For the least number of moves needed to round up solitaire, two situations must be considered. First, you need to know there are two types of deals, 1-deal that needs 76 moves and 3-deal that requires 60 moves.

    What is a perfect Solitaire score?

    Q: What is the highest score achievable in Microsoft Solitaire, using 3-card draw and standard scoring? A: The highest possible score is 24113, including bonus points for time.

    What was the fastest game made?

    The Superhot first-person shooter made during 7DFPS and subsequently posted to Steam Greenlight reached approval in just three days.

    What is the highest score you can get in Microsoft Solitaire?

    The topmost score for playing this version of Solitaire online is 24,113.

    How do you beat grandmaster in Klondike solitaire?

  • Expose Larger Stacks First.
  • Don't Empty a Spot Without a King!
  • Always Keep Color in Mind when Filling a Space.
  • Turn Up the First Deck Card First.
  • Don't Always Build Ace Stacks.
  • Don't Move Cards for No Reason.
  • Play the Ace or Two.

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