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Which Extension Is Best For Tatkal Booking?

Which extension is best for Tatkal booking? 5 Best Fastest Tatkal Ticket Booking Software to Book IRCTC Ticket in 2021

  • MyRailInfo Plug-in / Autofill extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • EasyTatkal.com Extension (Rs.
  • Roboform (30 Days Free Trial Software)
  • Tatkal Now (First 3 bookings free then Rs.
  • Is Tatkal or premium Tatkal better?

    The main difference between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal is that Premium Tatkal is an Online Only service. Passengers can book premium Tatkal tickets online only on the pattern of airline fares - more the demand, higher the fare.

    How much does Tatkal cost?

    e.g. for train leaving on 6th, Tatkal Booking will Commence at 10 AM for AC Classes on 5th and at 11 AM for NON-AC Classes on 5th.


    Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)
    Second (sitting) 10.00 15.00
    Sleeper 90.00 175.00
    AC Chair Car 100.00 200.00
    AC 3 Tier 250.00 350.00

    Is Tatkal booking confirmed?

    Not only the second class category, but tatkal bookings are allowed in all classes except First AC and Executive class. One of the drawbacks in booking tatkal tickets is that there is no guaranteed confirmation. Tickets are not always confirmed and they are also costly in comparison to normal train tickets.

    Which payment is faster in IRCTC?

    IRCTC official e-wallet known as iMudra is the fastest IRCTC payment mode to book train tickets. It is the quickest cashless mode toward the train ticket bookings. It helps you to book your Tatkal tickets quickly using the iMudra wallet by IRCTC.

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    How can I get Tatkal ticket fast?

    Irctc Tatkal tickets can be booked much faster by filling the Autofill reservation form placing the button at bookmarks bar. Irctc Tatkal Autofill tool which helps to book your IRCTC Tatkal Tickets faster. Tickets can be booked much faster by filling the Autofill reservation form placing the button at bookmarks bar.

    What does mean by TQWL in railway?

    TQWL Tatkal Quota Waiting List was earlier CKWL. It is the waiting list tickets booked under Tatkal Quota. TQWL tickets directly get confirm and don't go through RAC.

    Is Tatkal ticket costly?

    To book a Tatkal train ticket, the passenger needs to pay premium charges in addition to normal ticket booking, making it more expensive than the normal train tickets. Tatkal E-ticket can be booked for selected trains one day in advance, which is excluding date of journey from the train originating station).

    How many days before Tatkal tickets can be booked?

    Tatkal tickets can be booked one day in advance excluding the date of journey from the train originating station.

    How many Tatkal tickets can be booked in a day?

    4. It will be possible to book a maximum of only four tickets per PNR (passenger name record) in the Tatkal scheme. 5. Web services agents of IRCTC will be permitted to book only one Tatkal ticket per train per day on the internet.

    Can we book Tatkal ticket online after 12 pm?

    Tatkal train tickets are issued for actual distance of travel, instead of end-to-end, subject to the distance restriction applicable to the train. Ticket agents or web agents of IRCTC are restricted from booking Tatkal tickets between 10 am and 12 pm.

    Can I book Tatkal ticket online at 11am?

    Tatkal train booking: One can book a Tatkal ticket for AC classes at 10 a.m. and for NON-AC at 11 a.m, a day before the date of journey. Tatkal train booking: The Tatkal tickets can be booked for maximum four passengers per PNR.

    Is Tatkal ticket refundable?

    For Tatkal Tickets Booked as e-Tickets:

    No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules. Partial cancellation of Tatkal e-tickets is allowed .

    How can I book confirm Tatkal ticket?

    Select quota as 'Tatkal'. Tap in on 'Book Now' for the train of preference. Next, users will need to fill in details such as their name, age, gender, seat preference, etc. Tick the 'Book only if confirm berths are allotted' checkbox.

    Is Tatkal available now 2021?

    New Tatkal Ticket Booking Time in 2021. Tatkal Ticket Booking Time. As announced by Indian Railway recently the new Tatkal Ticket Booking Time is 10 am for AC Classes and 11 am for Sleeper classes.

    Is Paytm good for Tatkal booking?

    You can book Tatkal train tickets through the medium of Paytm after 30 minutes from the opening of bookings. You can either book Tatkal tickets over the counter in a railway station or at IRCTC website. According to the rule, maximum of only four passengers per PNR can be booked for Tatkal tickets.

    Why IRCTC is slow during Tatkal?

    Due to problem in server capacity,too many visitors for booking tickets, too many members login in same time may cause the server slow. Passenger facing big problem while booking tatkal tickets.In limited time with limited seat availability passengers have to book ticket in tatkal system.

    Can I book Tatkal ticket with IRCTC Ewallet?

    As part of its endeavor to facilitate seamless reservation, IRCTC, the e-ticketing and catering arm of Indian Railways, has announced that its e-wallet users can now book e-tickets, including, those of Tatkal quota, through the Rail Connect app.

    How can I use Tatkal autofill?

  • Enter "Login Detail" in Username & Password.
  • Select Quota: You can select Quota like General, Premium Tatkal, Ladies or Tatkal.
  • Enter "Plan My Travel" detail, All details are required if you want to use CTRL + M, other wise you can skip it.
  • Enter Passenger Detail.

  • What is the chances of getting Tatkal ticket confirmed?

    While, the Confirmation Probability for Tatkal tickets is 75%.

    What is premium Tatkal?

    Premium Tatkal(PT) Scheme is a new quota introduced by the Indian Railways reserving a few seats with a dynamic fare pricing to book the train tickets. The dynamic fare stands for the increased fare charged only for the confirmed passengers , and it is twice that the usual tatkal ticket charges.

    Will PQWL 9 get confirmed?

    Once the tickets from the Pooled Quota is filled, PQWL tickets are issued. Chances of PQWL tickets getting confirmed are usually very low, as in the priority list of waiting list tickets it comes after GNWL.

    Will TQWL 24 get confirmed?

    TQWL - TQWL means Tatkal waitlisted tickets. If a tatkal ticket for the journey is cancelled, the TQWL goes up directly and doesn't go through RAC status. During chart preparation, general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over (TQWL) hence TQWL confirmation chances are very less.

    Which is better PQWL or WL?

    2 Answers found. PQWL is Pooled Quota Waiting List and GNWL is General quota Waiting List. PQWL is like 'on the way' and point station, GNWL is 'train departure' station to destination station. So, GNWL has better chances of getting confirmation of the railway ticket than PQWL.

    Can I book Tatkal ticket before 2 days?

    As per the fresh norms of the IRCTC, the Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Tatkal ticket booking has been cut down from 2 days to 1 day. Now, Tatkal train tickets can be booked a day in advance from the scheduled date of departure of the train from its destination city/town.

    What is new Tatkal rules?

    Tatkal booking opens at 10 AM for AC Classes and 11 AM for NON-AC Classes on One days in advance actual date of journey excluding date of journey w.e.f. of 15.06.

    Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)
    Second (sitting) 10 15
    Sleeper 90 150
    AC Chair Car 100 200
    AC 3 Tier 250 350

    How many seats are allotted in Tatkal quota?

    "The normal Tatkal quota gives about 10 reserved seats for AC-II, 16 for AC-III and 16 for AC Chair Car, besides 30 per cent of the sleeper class, which would be 24 out of 72 berths in every coach," a senior Board official said, asking, "Is there room left for general waitlisted passengers in that case?

    What is regret in Irctc?

    When the maximum wait list number defined for a train is reached for a particular day's journey, the reservation system refuses to accept any more requests for that day. In such cases, this is shown as 'REGRET' in the reservation status.

    What if Tatkal ticket is not confirmed?

    Refund for non-confirmed tickets

    If you have booked more than one Tatkal ticket, and the reservation hasn't been confirmed, you are entitled to cancel and get the refund for everyone's ticket, provided that you do so up to 30 minutes before your train's scheduled departure time.

    What is CC in train?

    AC Chair Car: An air-conditioned seater coach with a total of five seats in a row used for day travel between cities. This type coach mostly used in Shatabadi Trains, Garib Rath & Double Decker.

    Which train has no Tatkal quota?

    The Tatkal Quota is available for all travel classes except for Unreserved/General Class (UR/GEN) and reserved First AC class (1 AC).

    How can I check Tatkal quota?

  • Login to your IRCTC account at ixigo.com.
  • Select your travel source station and destination.
  • Choose your date of journey.
  • Now select quota as 'TATKAL' and search for trains.

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