• October 5, 2022

Will A 8 Speed Cassette Fit On A 10 Speed Hub?

Will a 8 speed cassette fit on a 10 speed hub? Nope! 8, 9, 10 are all the same size cassette and freehub. A 7 speed would need a spacer.

Will a 9 speed cassette fit on a 10 speed hub?

Shimano did not change the overall cassette width or the rear wheel spacing when changing to 10 speeds. Instead, they made the chain and cogs narrower, allowing more gears to fit into the same space. Interestingly, the reverse is not always true; you cannot use a 9 speed cassette on all 10 speed hubs.

Are 8 9 10 speed cassettes the same width?

For the Shimano brand, their 9-speed cassettes have an extra cog added to the 8-speed cassette, while the overall width remains the same. The same thing goes for the 10-speed where it still has the same width as an 8-speed cassette. This makes the 10-speed slightly narrower.

Can you change an 8 speed bike to 10 speed?

Converting an 8-Speed Wheel to a 10-Speed Wheel

If the wheel you are currently using is an 11-speed wheel, it should have a 1.85mm low spacer in it, so install the sprocket with both the 1.85mm spacer and the 1.0mm spacer in the low side.

Can I replace a 9 speed cassette with an 8 speed?

8-Speed Index Shifter

In this particular situation, an 8-speed shifter is required. A 9-speed shifter cannot function properly with an 8-speed cassette because 8 and 9-speed cassettes have different spacing. For that reason, 8-speed shifters have a longer cable pull and move the derailleur slightly more.

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How wide is a 10 speed hub?

Cassette /Freewheel Spacing

Brand and model Center-to-center Spacing Total Width
Campagnolo 10-speed Variable (note) 38.8 mm
Shimano 10-speed 3.95 mm 37.2 mm (note)

How do I upgrade to 10 speed?

Can I use 10 speed derailleur with 11 speed cassette?

the 10 speed and 11 speed derailleurs are interchangeable as far as the shifters go, the difference is that a 10 speed derailleur doesn't like a cassette cog much bigger than the 36t it was designed for, where the 11 speed derailleurs are designed for 40 and 42t cogs, and seem to be able to handle bigger.

Can you change an 8 speed cassette?

Doing an 8 to 9 speed conversion can be done 2 ways. The correct way is to replace the front derailler, cassette, chain, chain rings and the shifters. This can be rather expensive, but it will give better shifting than doing it the other way. The "other way" is just to buy shifters, chain and a cassette.

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